My name is Jolize Cawood, I am the proud owner of JOLIE FEMME BOUTIQUE

“Where Pretty Women Meet”

A boutique was a dream my mother had…., she was always dreaming of a boutique called Pretty Women. My mothers dream, became my dream and then it became a reality.

When we thought of a name for the boutique, we decided to translate Pretty Women. JOLIE FEMME “was born” from the French word for Pretty Women…. JOLIE FEMME the place where pretty women meet.

Jolie Femme is my baby. It is my everything…. We sell for old and young. From kiddies to 4XL clothing.

I opened the door of Jolie Femme on the 8th of March 2018 with only 3 rails of clothing. Today I am very proud of myself to say that Jolie Femme has grown into a “toddler” and I can only see the boutique in a few years growing through “teenager” years to become a “adult” that I will treasure.

Jolie Femme is a proud stockiest of Sissy Boy Clothing ,shoes& Handbags, Fenn Handbag, Katy Kruger Leather Products, Minki & Co Clothing, JE Living Products, Under Armour, Polo, Pierre Cardin Shoes & Bags, Miss Black, Butterfly Feet, Via Beach, Hoolies Kids Clothing, Lizzrad, Ballet Clothing, just to name a few. We also sell 925 Sterling Jewelry.

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